SOMARA is the proud owner / operator of the barge DESAL 1,

one of  the largest deck barge operating in the area.


The barge DESAL 1 is part of Somara’s emergency response plan.

It has been used in several occasions for cargo lightering operations in case of groundings.


The barge DESAL 1 has a 45' long heavy duty ramp and is also equipped with a unique self-discharging system, with its integrated conveyor belt system. 

Also the barge carries a very substantial ballast compartments that can be used as refloating device or temporary storage of liquid cargoes, in case of emergencies.


During the rest of the time, the barge is hired to the industrial operators of the region for inter-caribbean transports for bulk, break-bulk, heavy lift or project cargoes.


In case of additional requirements, Somara hires  additional equipment available in the region, on a sub-contracting basis.


All transport activities are carried out by our affiliated company, Transports et Services Maritimes Sarl.




Immeuble du Port, Avenue François Mitterrand,
97200 Fort de France
Martinique (F.W.I)

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